Checking your Connection with the Athena Cloud

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Checking your Connection with the Athena Cloud

If you are experiencing issues connecting to our Cloud for range provisioning, please use the GreengrassConnectionTest tool, below.


Logged in to your Network Manager, open a Terminal window (CTL+ALT+T shortcut on your keyboard). Enter the following (after the ~ $):



If you receive an error "No such file or directory", use the following steps to download and install the script.


In terminal, enter:

curl > ~/ESTBuild/est/scripts/system/


chmod +x ~/ESTBuild/est/scripts/system/


The first line downloads the shell (.sh) file from our servers, and saves it to the System Scripts directory, while the second line allows the shell file to be executable.


Now that your system has the file downloaded and it is executable, run the following in the network manager's terminal window: