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A Category (also known as an Attribute) describes something about an athlete. For example Rifle Type is a well known category that describes the equipment class an athlete is competing in. Categories may be added to a Match from the Match Properties tab. Then in the Match Competitors and Match Teams tab Category values are assigned to athletes or teams. Finally, athletes and teams may be grouped together in Result Lists based on their Category Values.

The list of possible Categories is dependent on the rulebook selected.

Category Types

Categories with Manually Assigned Values

Most Categories have a fixed set of Category values that have to be manually assigned to athletes or teams. The assignment of Category values to the athlete or team is done in the Match Competitors tab or the Match Teams tab respectively.

Derived Categories

A derived Categories is one in which their value is calculated based on another participant attribute. The most common of which are age group values. Age groups are defined by the rulebook and their value for an athlete is based on their date of birth and the start date of a match. The Category values for derived categories may not be edited in Orion, as they are defined precisely by the referring printed rulebook.

Customizable Categories

Customizable Categories are ones in which the values may be edited within Orion. Each rulebook has at least one customizable Category.

To update the values of a customizable category, with a Match opened in Orion.

1.Open Match Properties by clicking on 'Match' and then 'Match Properties.'

2.Click on the 'Categories' tab.

3.In the list of categories, select and check the customizable category field, typically near the end of the list. The name of the field is different depending on the rulebook but will be similar to 'User Specified,' 'Organization,' or 'Skill Level.'

4.In the text boxes in the lower half of the screen, type in the names of the category values to use. There is a limit of eight values.

5.Click the 'Save' button.

Result Lists from Category Values

Orion automatically creates results from each Category enabled in Match Properties, and then from each Category values. To view the Category Value result lists, with a Match opened:

1.Select the 'Match Results' tab.

2.Under Ranked Results, select the corresponding result.

3.Click 'Update Results.'