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An Attribute is a property that helps describes a participant in a match. For example the type of rifle a participant is using (e.g. Sporter vs Precision air rifle) or an age group the participant is a member of (e.g. Junior, Open, Senior).

Attributes are highly configurable.  Each Attribute will have one or more fields. Each field may be configured to be any value the user types in, a value from a pre-configured list, or a combination.

There are two types of Attributes. Attributes that rely on user input (described below) and Derived Attributes that get their value from one or more other attributes. An example of a Derived Attribute is an age group that gets its value from an athlete’s date of birth.

An Attribute Value represents the data that is stored.

Simple Attribute

A ‘Simple Attribute’ is a special type of Attribute. It is when MultipleValues is false, there is only one AttributeField in Fields, and that one AttributeField has MultipleValues set to false.


Attribute Name




String formatted as a Set Name

Unique identifier given to this definition within all ATTRIBUTE objects.

This value is controlled by Orion, users should not add this attribute to their definition files. See Set Names for more information.


String formatted as a Version

The version number for this definition. User must update this value with each new version uploaded to Orion's cloud.



String formatted as a Hierarchical Name

The unique name space and proper name of this definition.

Required. The namespace must be assigned to the users account when uploading to Orion's cloud.


String formatted as a Type

Identifies that this is a ATTRIBUTE type definition.

Required. Must be the value, "ATTRIBUTE".


String formatted as an Owner

The Orion Account Owner of this ATTRIBUTE.

Required. Must be users Orion Account value.


String formatted as a Discipline

The shooting discipline that uses this ATTRIBUTE.



String formatted as a Subdiscipline and Tags

The subdiscipline to categorize this ATTRIBUTE.

Not required, but strongly recommended.


List of Strings formatted as a Subdiscipline and Tags

The tag or tags to categorize with.

Not required but strongly recommended.



A human readable description of this ATTRIBUTE.

Not required, but strongly recommended.



In applications where ATTRIBUTE VALUEs are set, this is the name given to the ATTRIBUTE that is displayed to the user.

Not required. The default value is the Proper Name portion of the HierarchicalName value.


List of AttributeField

A list of AttributeFields that describe the make-up of this ATTRIBUTE.

Required, and must have at least one AttributeField object in the list.


List of strings formatted as Designation

The type of participant, teams, or clubs that this Attribute may be applied to.

Field is not required. however if it is not included all designations, except HIDDEN, are assumed.



Indicates if multiple field values may be assigned in the resulting ATTRIBUTE VALUEs.

Not required, Default if false.


String formatted as a Privacy

The maximum visibility the user can set for the ATTRIBUTE VALUE.

Not required. Default is PRIVATE


String formatted as a Privacy

The default visibility for a new ATTRIBUTE VALUE. Must be a Privacy value equal to or greater than the MaxVisibility.

Not required. Default is the value from MaxVisibility.





The Reconfigurable Rulebook and functionality will be implemented with the release of Orion Scoring System v. 3.0 (TBA)