Formal Practice

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Formal Practice

Formal Practices are intended to mimic competition courses of fire. This includes the number of shots fired in a stage, time limits, and warnings. The notable difference between a competition and a formal practice is that the athlete controls the advancement of Commands in a formal practice, instead of the range officer. This practice mode allows the athlete to follow the same pace as a formal competition.


Loading a Course of Fire (CoF)

From the main screen, select the Menu button.


Next, select the Advanced option.


From the top left of the screen, select Load New COF.


Select Formal Practice.


The Discipline button will allow you to select between Rifle and Pistol. Options will let you choose between Air and Smallbore (if using the NC200 target). For formal practice, Options is where the athlete selects the specific match type you wish to run.


Once you have selected your course of fire, Load will send this to the target and allow you to shoot the selected Course of Fire. Make sure to have the appropriate aiming mask loaded in the target if you are changing disciplines (air rifle to air pistol, etc).


Now that the Course of Fire was sent to the target, the athlete can start following the range commands on the screen. While the timing of this practice mode is automated, athletes can progress to the next stage by selecting Next Command on the main screen.