Getting Started with Athena at Home

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Getting Started with Athena at Home

Congratulations on the purchase of your Athena at Home system. Your training is about to rise to the next level.

What you were sent

After your At Home order, we will be sending you 3 or 4 boxes to complete your order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. These boxes are sent from three different fulfillment locations, they may arrive on separate days.

Box 1 Your Athena Target

NC100 or NC200 Electronic Scoring Target

Table Stand, if you selected this option

Box 2 Your Athena Monitor and Resource Kit

DoW100 Athlete Monitor

Athena At Home resource kit

Box 3 Aiming Masks

Aiming Masks, both front and back

Paper rolls

Lead collection bags

Additional reusable supplies if ordered

Box 4 Mechanical Lift Pole (optional)

Mechanical lift's pole and screw rod, if you selected this option.

Requirements for Set Up

Your home WiFi credentials with Internet access. You will need both your SSID and Wifi's password (also known as 'PSK').

A personal Result Center account (previously known as Orion Mobile Account).

A desktop or laptop (Mac or Windows) with a free USB port.

Setting Up your Athena Target

Setting up your equipment to start training is done in two broad steps.

1. Unpacking and assembling your Target and Monitor.

2. Linking your At Home Target and Monitor with your Result Center account.