Group Mode

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Group Mode

"Group Mode" is one of Athena’s many unique training modes focuses on bringing back the advantages of training group size and consistency. A major drawback of switching from paper to electronic targets is the loss of the ability to effectively train in groups. Paper targets allow the athlete to focus only on group consistency, without the now common distraction of immediate scoring presented by all electronic scoring systems today.

In Group Mode individual shot scores are not visible in Group Mode, instead the shot group size and share are evaluated after each shot. In addition to this basic group evaluation score, athletes have access to a new Group Analytics menu, containing a series of specific diagnostic values such as roundness and angle geared to aid athletes looking to track very precise improvements in group shape.

After each shot of a group is placed, Athena visually re-centers the group around the calculated center with the intention of allowing the athlete to focus entirely on group consistency without concern for sight correction; this provides a more specialized training environment with the intent of allowing faster, more isolated skill improvement.

How To

Loading Group Mode

To start Group Mode, beginning from any course of fire in practice mode, navigate to Menu>AdvancedSettings>Load COF>Drills, then from the drop down menus, first select ‘Skill Based’. From the categories drop down menu, select ‘Group Mode’, then ‘LOAD’.

Once in group mode, the displayed target should be a blank, black circle.


All settings in the menu should be identical to informal practice mode with the exception of the Group Analytics menu located in the base of ‘Menu’. This form will contain all analytical values outside of the group score as well as a toggle option to display an ellipse on the target display representing group size, shape, and angle. This graphic is purely visual and will not affect any other aspect of the mode. The ‘Group Size’ option determines which shots are being considered for analysis- this works similarly to shot presentation however on exiting the Group Analytics menu, shot presentation should not be affected.

Group Mode Scoring

The score and all group analytics will remain zero until three or more shots have been taken in a series, at which point, group analysis will begin and be reevaluated following every shot. After each shot is taken, the shot group will be re-centered, so it is advised that the athlete not make any sight corrections until a series is complete or he or she is done with the current group.

The string size for groups is set at the standard 10 shots, so after 10 shots, the athlete will automatically move to the next series and must place another 3 shots to begin shot analysis again. If an athlete wishes to score groups of less than 10, s/he must manually continue to the next series after the desired number of shots have been taken.