Adding a Competitor to the match from the Athlete Database

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Adding a Competitor to the match from the Athlete Database

The Athlete Database is a listing of the most common athletes who compete at your range. There is only one athlete database. The database may include athletes from your team members as well as athletes from other teams. Once a match is created, you may add an athlete from the database directly to the match.


Adding a Competitor from the Athlete Database to a Match.

1.Create or open the match.

2.Click on the 'Athlete Database' tab.

3.Select the athlete you wish to add to the match.

oTo select a athlete click on the far left column (to the left of Last Name), the entire row will be highlighted once selected. Multiple athletes may be selected at once by using the shift or control keys.

4.After selecting the athlete, right-click the mouse. Orion will display a pop-up menu. Click on 'Add Athlete to Match' and then 'As an individual athlete only' (or to a specific team).

Orion will add the selected athlete(s) to the match and transfer as much information from the database to the match as possible.