Using Auto-Score with only one competitor in the match

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Using Auto-Score with only one competitor in the match

Orion at Home users often only have one competitor in the match. In this instance, it is not necessary to use Barcode Labels because Orion will automatically assign any targets scanned, with Auto-Score, to that one athlete.

To use Auto-Score with only one competitor in the match:

1.Using barcode labels are not necessary; however, where applicable, fill in the correct 'Position' and 'Series' bubble near the top left corner of the target.

2.Within Orion, select the 'Match Scoring' tab.

3.Initially, load the scanner with only one target.

4.Click the Auto-Score button autoScoreButton. Orion will scan the target, load it into the program, assign the target to the athlete, and score. Depending on the speed of the Orion workstation, this may take several seconds.

Initially, the new targets will appear highlighted in green in the Target list on the left hand side of the screen. Green highlighting indicates these targets are not yet scored.

To see the list of imported targets, click the plus sign ([+]) next to Targets, then the plus sign next to Relay 1, and finally the plus sign next to the athlete's names.

5.Once the initial target is scored (turns from green to white), load the scanner with a set of unscored targets, and re-click the Auto-Score button. Repeat until all targets are scored.