Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Orion for Desktop has many useful keyboard shortcuts designed to keep you moving faster, and with fewer clicks. Below is a list of tasks and keyboard shortcuts users can take advantage of:

Changing between Target Images and Aiming Bulls

Down Arrow

Next target

Up Arrow

Previously viewed target

SHIFT + Down Arrow

Next Unviewed Target

SHIFT + Left or Right

Changes aiming bull and zooms into selected bull.


Ctrl + S

Scan and Score Targets

Ctrl + SHIFT + S

Scan Targets using Scanner Drivers

Ctrl + L

Load Targets from Directory and Score

Ctrl + SHIFT + R

Rescore all Targets

Ctrl + F

Camera Scoring Sensitivity

Ctrl + B

BB Gun Sensitivity


Ctrl + N

New Athlete (within Match Competitors)

Ctrl + T

New Team