No Internet at the range: how to upload results

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No Internet at the range: how to upload results

If the Orion workstation at a range does not have Internet access, but you do have a second computer that does have Internet access, it is possible to upload results from a Match to Result Center. This operation requires that Orion be installed on both computers. A thumb drive will be needed to transfer the results between computers. The second computer will need a "non-scoring" license (existing customers may contact us to obtain one). The basic idea is to run the competition normally on the range computer, then periodically save the Orion match file to the thumb drive, transport it to the secondary computer, and open the file up with Orion. The secondary computer will then upload the results to the Internet.

Scopos does recommend using a laptop or portable computer in these cases. Using a laptop at the range and bringing it home or to a facility that does have an internet connection is the easiest method to upload; as Orion will automatically upload your results when open and connected to the Internet.



Range computer does not have Internet access. Orion is installed on this machine and it has a scoring license. The competition will be ran on this computer as normal.

Secondary computer does have Internet access. Orion is installed on this machine and has at least a non-scoring license. This computer will only serve to upload results, no part of the competition will be conducted on this machine.

USB thumb drive used to save a copy of the match from the range computer and transport the results to the secondary computer.


Range Computer:

Create the match, add participants, score targets, and print results as normal. Periodically, perhaps after each relay or after each stage:

1.Make sure the thumb drive is plugged into the range computer.

2.Save a copy of the match to the thumb drive. Do this by going to 'File' then 'Save a Copy of Match.'

3.Select 'Yes' when Orion asks if you want to save the scores with the match.

4.Navigate to the thumb drive and save the copy of the match on it.

5.If Orion asks you to replace the existing file select 'Yes.'

6.Eject the thumb drive.


Secondary Computer.

After transporting the thumb drive to the secondary computer:

1.Plug the thumb drive into the secondary computer.

2.Open Orion.

3.Open the saved copy of the match by going to 'File' and then 'Open a Match.' Navigate to the thumb drive and select the saved copy of the match XML file.

4.Open Match Properties by going to 'Match' and then 'Match Properties.'

5.Enable the Result Center by clicking on the 'Result Center' tab and checking the 'List and Report Scores Online.'

6.Click 'Save.' Orion will now upload the results to the Result Center.

It may take Orion 60s to synchronize with the Result Center before results are available online.

7.You may open the results by going to 'Result Center' and then 'Your Match Page.'

8.Close Orion (this is an important step).

9.Eject the thumb drive and return it to the range computer.