Placing Your Access Point

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Placing Your Access Point

Your access point (AP) should be placed within line-of-site of your Athena devices (Targets, Monitors, and Displays). By using a longer Ethernet cable, the Access Point can be placed virtually anywhere within physical range from your networking equipment.


In general, your AP:

Should be no more than 150ft (~50m) from the furthest Athena Device

Avoid any metal, glass, or concrete fixtures (such as walls, windows, and metal racks) between your AP and Athena device

Should not be in the line-of-fire or in an area where the device may get damaged as a result from any projectiles.


For example:

High on the wall directly behind the firing line.

High on the wall on the left or right side of the range.

On the ceiling, midway between the firing line and the target line.