Squadding List

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Squadding List

The Squadding List entity displays a list of athletes and their firing point assignments.

When referenced in View Definition files use "SquaddingList".

Configuration Options

FiringPoints: A string, formatted as a Value Series, representing the firing points to list on this display.

oThe default behavior is to display the squadding for all firing points.

Relay: A string, representing which relay to show.

o"All": Display squadding from all relays.

o"CURRENT" (default): Shows the squadding only from the current relay.

o"NEXT": Shows the squadding for the next relay to fire.

Scrolling: A boolean, representing if the list of squadding assignments should scroll or iterate on different views.

o"true": All squadding will be displayed on one scrolling entity.

o"false" (default): Multiple entities will be cycled through showing the squadding assignments.