Set Name

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Set Name

A Set Name uniquely identifies a definition within a type. It has three parts, version, namespace, and proper name. The namespace identifies the organization that owns the definition. The proper name is a human readable title for the definition. Version is a major version and minor version pair. Version is prepended with a ‘v’. The three parts are concatenated together with colons. For example, “v1.2:orion:generic target”.

Special case is when version is “0.0” this always denotes the most recent version of the definition. For example, “v0.0:orion:generic target”. “X.0” (where x is a major version) always denotes the most recent version within a major version.

See Set Names for more information.




The Reconfigurable Rulebook and functionality will be implemented with the release of Orion Scoring System v. 3.0 (TBA)