Understanding the Dashboard

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Understanding the Dashboard

The Orion Dashboard is a supplemental analysis tool for coaches. It is meant to give coaches a snap-shot as to how their team is performing.


Each athlete listed on the dashboard is a Favorite.

The Event Styles are derived from the type of shooting selected in the Athlete Database.

The presented data is calculated by scores fired in the past 60 days.

Number of Shots is the count of shots fired in that particular position.

Average Score is the shooter's statistical average for that particular position.

Score Trend is the number of points a shooter is improving (or digressing if the trend is negative) on a points-per-month basis.

Average Group Size is the shooter's statistical average group size for that particular position. This is measured in mm².

Group Trend is the improvement or digression in group size. Small groups are better, ergo: if a shooter is improving, his or her group trend will be negitive. This is measured in mm² per month.



Note: Dashboard in Orion Scoring System will be depreciated in a future release of the software. This functionality will be replaced, and enhanced, with the new Orion Mobile application.