Dynamic Team Generation

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Dynamic Team Generation

Dynamic team generation is when Orion automatically groups athletes from the same team into sub-teams. In the ranked results it is the sub-teams that get displayed.

Orion groups the team's athletes based on their individual score. For example if a team has 12 members, and Number of Team Members is 4, Orion will create three teams in the results. “Team 1” will be the top four athletes on the team, “Team 2” will be athletes 5-8, and “Team 3” will be athletes 9-12.


Turning Dynamic Team Generation On or Off.

1.Open the Match Properties by clicking on 'Match' and then 'Match Properties' from Orion's menu bar.

2.Click on the 'Course of Fire' tab.

3.Select the 'Dynamic Team Generation' check box to enable the feature. De-select to turn it off.

4.Specify the 'Number of Team Members.' This is the number of athletes to group together to form a team.

5.With Dynamic Team Generation turned on, 'Max Num. of Team Members' should be set to 100 (which specifies an unlimited number of team members).

6.Click the 'Save' button.