Comp. Num. Tab

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Comp. Num. Tab




Do not automatically assign a competitor number.

Select (enable) to not allow the automatic assignment of a competitor number. Useful if you will be importing competitor numbers later.

Use Membership Field Value

Drop down selection which when Selected (enabled) allows for the use of stored CMP Competitor ID's or USA Shooting Membership numbers.

Use sequential competitor number starting at ...

Most common and default is to assign a sequential number and user can select starting number. Useful if you are not tracking organization membership numbers.

Use text based name abbreviation

Used if you will be reading fill-in-the-bubble Orion targets.

Separately track Membership Fields

Choice of tracking CMP Competitor ID or USA Shooting membership numbers

Save settings as default for new Matches

Much like saving a match course of fire as a template, selecting this box will save your default competitor number selections for new  matches.