Athlete Display

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Athlete Display

The Athlete Display Display Entity shows the scores being fired on selected firing points. The Athlete Display can show 1 to 8 athlete scores at a time. If more than 8 athletes are assigned to a Display then the screen is rotated after a period of time.

When referenced in View Definition files use "AthleteDisplay".

Configuration Options

FiringPoints: A string, formatted as a Value Series, representing the firing points to be shown by the view.

oThe default value is all firing points assigned to the Display.

oIf a firing point is listed but not assigned to the Display, it is ignored.

ResultList: A string, representing the name of the result list to use to show the current rank of each athlete.

ShotPresentation: A string, representing how many and which shots to display. The optional values are:

o"ALL": Display all shots.

o"STRING": Display only the shots on the current string.

o"PAST(n)": Display the last n number of shots. Where n is an integer.

o"PAST(10)" (default): Display the last 10 shots.

o"DEFAULT": Uses the shot presentation as set by the monitor.