Image Display

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Image Display

The Image Display Display Entity displays an image.

When referenced in View Definition files use "ImageDisplay".

Configuration Options

ImageKey: A string, representing the location of the image to display.

Presentation: A string, determines how the display is shown.

o"Alternate" (default): Every time the image display is shown, the current displayed image switches.

o"Join": Images are displayed on consecutive views.

ScreenFormat: A string, determines how each image fits to the screen.

o"FILL": Enlarges the image to fill the full display screen without changing the proportions.

o"FIT" (default): Enlarges the image to match either the height or width of the display, no part of the image is cut off.

o"STRETCH": Changes the width / height proportions of the image to fill the screen without cutting off any part of the image.

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