Edit Display Image Keys Files

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Edit Display Image Keys Files

When the Display Entity Image Display shows an image, it is not showing an image directly. Instead, it is showing a list of images that is linked to an "Image Key." The images linked to any Image Key is editable through Orion.

Image Key Mapping Files

An Image Key Mapping file is a file that stores the list of images associated with an Image Key. You can create multiple Image Key Mapping files, but only one is active at any given time. All Displays on the range use the same Image Key Mapping file.

Image Key Mapping files are stored in the My Matches/Database/Display/Images directory.

Default Image Key Mapping File

Orion comes with AthenaDefault.json (located in My Matches/Database/Display/Images). This file is controlled by Orion and should not be edited by the user. Customers are instead encouraged to compose their own Image Key Mapping File.

Editing an Image Key Mapping File

To create a new Image Key Mapping file or to edit an existing one, from Orion's menu bar click on Athena -> Edit Image Key Mapping File. The Display Image Key Selection form will open.

The current Image Key Mapping file is loaded when the form opens. Use the menu bar, within the Display Image Key Selection form to create or open a different existing file.


Linking Images to Image Keys

Up to 8 images may be linked to one image key.

Adding a New Image to an Image Key

To add a new image to an Image Key, first make sure the intended Image Key is selected in the drop down. Next click on Add New Image. Only JPEGS and PNGs may be added. Select the file through the dialogue. Once selected, Orion will copy the image to the My Matches/Database/Display/Images directory, resizing and rescaling the image if needed.

Sending Images to the Display Units

Click the Save button to send the images, along with the mapping to Image Keys to the Display Unit. This works by first Orion uploading the images to the Network Manger's webserver. The Display Units then download the images from the Network Manger for showing on screen. In order for the first step in the process to work Orion must know your Network Manager's login credentials. Orion will prompt you for those credentials.

Login Credentials are provided to each customer via their Customer Information Sheet.

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