Selecting the Result Lists a Display Shows

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Selecting the Result Lists a Display Shows

During a competition Spectator Displays can be set to rotate through a series of result lists on the Result List screen. In the View Definition this is the Config.ResultLists field. Additionally the Athlete Display screen can show the current rank of athletes for a primary result list known as the "Athlete Ranking List." In the View Definition this is the Config.ResultList field. Both of these values may be dynamically set in Orion and for each Display.

Selecting the Result List to Use for Rankings on the Athlete Display Screen or Result Lists to Show on the Result List Screen

As a prerequisite, open the match in Orion, and have sent the relay to the firing points.

1.In Orion, select the Range Control tab.

2.Double click the row representing the Spectator Display you wish to set the Result List for.

3.On the right hand side the drop down list, "Result List to use as Athlete Ranking" sets the result list ranking values for the Athlete Display screen.

4.The checkboxes for, "Result Lists to Show" sets the result lists to rotate through on the Result List screen.

Different Spectator Displays may be configured with different result lists to show.


Replace Attributes Field in View Definition

In order for Orion to dynamically set these values, the View Definition file must be composed using the ReplaceAttributes field, listed "ResultLists" or "ResultList" respectively.  The default View Definition files that come with Orion are composed in this way, and the user does not have to take any additional steps.