Focusing the NC Model Target Camera

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Focusing the NC Model Target Camera

For accurate scoring the Target Camera, the camera that is pointed at the face of the aiming bull, needs to be in focused. If the Target reports that it can not find the Alignment Shape, which happens at boot up and on course of fire changes, one possible reason is that the camera is out of focus.

Focusing the Camera

1.Put the Target into Maintenance Mode to prevent any erroneous shots or frame hits from being scored.

2.Put the target into Practice Mode, if it not already. This will enable the Advance Menu option on the paired Monitor.

3.From the Monitor click on Menu -> Advance -> Live View. This will open up Live View, which displays live snap shots of the target. With it you can tell if the Target's camera is in or out of focus.

4.On the Target's camera, release the locking ring by screwing it counter clockwise.

5.Adjust the Target's camera focus point by screwing the lens clockwise or counter clockwise. Watching the Live View to learn if the adjustments are making it better or worse.
When the Target's camera is in focus all four corners of the Alignment Shape will be sharp.

6.Without moving the lens (and adjusting the focus erroneously), screw the locking ring back into place securely, tightening it down so the lens can not move. And yes, we know this is a difficult task to do.

7.Re-run Calibration. And yes, we also know this is an important step and should never be skipped.

8.Put the Target back into Scoring Mode.