Host Names

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Host Names

Each Athena component is given a unique host name that identifies it on the network. The host name is labeled on each component.

Host names have a common format as follows: {6 Digit Orion Account Number}-{Component Type}-{Type Sequence Number}.

6 Digit Orion Account Number: is your Orion account number padded with 0s, up to 6 digits. For example, if your Orion Account Number is 1234, then the 6 Digit Orion Account Number in the host name is "001234".

Component Type: Is one of the following values, "TARGET", "MONITOR", "DISPLAY", "CORE". 1

Type Sequence Number: is a 3 digit sequence number for the given type. For example, "001", "002", and so on.

1. We leave it to the users as an exercise to discern which component type value is applied to which component type.