Network and Terminal Access

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Network and Terminal Access

Each Athena component (with the exception of Orion), at its core, is a Linux computer. This includes the EST Targets, Monitors, Displays, and the Network Manager. As such users may access the OS using ssh, or through a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Network Access

Network access is from ssh. The file system may also be accessed using sftp.

The host name of each device is listed on the device it self. Host names have a common format.

The user name is "pi".

The password is unique to each range and each account. The pre-set password is given to the customer at the time of purchase.

Terminal Access

Terminal access may be achieved on each device by connecting an HDMI display to the device, and an USB keyboard and mouse through the USB ports.

To open a terminal, hit the Control - Alt - T.

IP addresses for each device may be found within Orion by right clicking on the name of the device and navigating to the devices IP or hostname.


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