Adding a child to my Virtual Match

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Adding a child to my Virtual Match

Virtual matches work on a "parent/child" relationship. There is a single parent match that has overall control. The parent match sets the name, dates, rules, course of fire, and other options. The parent match also creates and provides permission for 'child' matches.

A child match is created for any other club or team who you, as the primary match sponsor, want to allow to participate. A child match inherits all of the properties from the parent. Adding a child to you Virtual Match is akin to giving another club permission to participate.

Orion at Home users may join a Virtual Match but may not create them.

Adding a Virtual Match child.

Creating child matches can only be done from the parent match. The host of the child match later download the match to their Orion system.

1.Create or open the Virtual Match parent.

2.From Orion's menu bar click on 'Match' and then 'Virtual Match Children.'

3.The Virtual Match Children Window will open. On the left hand side, search for and select the Orion users you want to add to the match. Click 'Add' for each user.

4.Confirm the name of the Orion user.

Once a child match is created it is not possible to remove it.


What to do if you can't find the club or team you want to add.

In the Virtual Match Children box only those teams that are valid Orion users and who have enabled the Result Center are listed. If you are unable to find a specific team it may be for one of a few reasons.

The club or team may be listed under a different name. Ask for the team's Orion license number (a four digit numeric number, e.g. 2023) and do a search based on the license number instead of the team name.

The club or team may not have enabled the Result Center service. They will have to enable the service before they can be added to the match. Instructions for doing so are available here.

The club or team may not have a valid license to Orion or may have had their license expire. Have them contact Orion's support to help address this problem.