Displaying results on the range during a competition

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Displaying results on the range during a competition

The Orion Scoreboard makes it easy to display your competition results on the range during the match. The Scoreboard is actually a webpage that rotates between the overall results, current relay's results, and individual results. By uploading your competition results to the Result Center, the Orion Scoreboard is automatically updated. By using a projector or large screen TV to display the Orion Scoreboard, athletes and spectators on the range can know how they are doing.


Basic Requirements and Setup.

Enable online results for your competition.

A projector or large screen TV.

A separate computer with an Internet connection to drive the projector or TV.


Where to find the Orion Scoreboard.

1.From the Orion Results Center find the home page for your match.

2.Click on the 'Tools' and then 'Scoreboard' link. The Scoreboard will open in a new window.

3.Use the drop down lists in the upper left corner to specify the relay and results to display.