Grading a BB Gun Test with Orion's BB Gun Test Answer Sheets

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Grading a BB Gun Test with Orion's BB Gun Test Answer Sheets

In BB Gun competitions it is common to include a test covering gun safety and competition rules. Using Orion's scannable scorecard for BB Gun Test Answer Sheet, Orion can grade the test and include the test results in the competition.

The Orion Scannable Scorecard for BB Gun Test Answer Sheet can include up to 50 true false or multiple-choice questions. Orion does not generate the questions to the test, but only grades the Answer Sheet. It is not required to use a 50 question test; tests with fewer than 50 questions may be used. However, at least 10 questions are required. Orion will weigh the value of each question equally, such that the total score on a test does not exceed 100 points. For example on a 20 question test Orion assigns 5 points to each correct answer, for a possible score of 100. On a 24 question test Orion assigns 4 points for each correct answer, but also automatically adds 4 "free points" to each test, thus keeping the total possible score at 100.

For each Match, Orion must be told the correct answers, Orion calls this the "Master Answer Sheet." There is one Master Answer Sheet per Match. It it the responsibility of the Match Director or Statistical Officer to complete the Master Answer Sheet, scan it, and mark it as such.

Instructions for Athletes Completing an Answer Sheet

Use a number 2 pencil, with an eraser, do not use ink.

Write in your name where it lists "Athlete's Name."

Fill in the bubbles corresponding to your competitor number where it lists "Athlete's Competitor Number."

For each question fill in the circle corresponding to your answer. For True False questions:

o"A/T" is for true.

o"B/F" is for false.

To change an answer, erase the old mark completely, then fill in the bubble corresponding to the corrected answer.

Only complete questions for which there is an answer

Scanning and Scoring BB Gun Test Answer Sheets

Orion treats BB Gun Test Answer Sheets like all other target types; they are scanned and scored using Auto-Score.

Load the scanner with a set of Answer Sheets.

Click the Auto-Score button (it looks like a play button). Orion will scan the Answer Sheets, load them into the program, assign them to the athlete, and score the test. This process may take several seconds.

Initially the new Answer Sheets will appear highlighted in green in the Target list on the left hand side of the screen. Green highlighting indicates these Answer Sheets are not yet scored.

To see the list of imported Answer Sheets, click the plus sign ([+]) next to Targets, then the plus sign next to Relay 1, and finally the plus sign next to the athlete's names.

Once the initial set of Answer Sheets are scored (turns from green to white), the process may be repeated with the next set of Answer Sheets.

Orion will notify if an answer is missing or blank from the Athlete's test

Scanning and Indicating the Master Answer Sheet

The Master Answer Sheet tells Orion what the correct answers are to the test. Once the Master Answer Sheet is marked all other answer sheets will be graded based on the Master Answer Sheet. This includes Answer Sheets already scanned, and Answer Sheets still to be scanned.

Fill in the correct answers on new BB Gun Test Answer Sheet.

Scan the Master Answer Sheet into Orion using Auto-Score.

On Orion's "Match Scoring" tab, locate and select the Answer Sheet just scanned. It may be assigned to a match official or left unassigned.

Right click on the Answer Sheet's image, in the pop-up menu select "Set as Master Answer Sheet."

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