Competition Management

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Competition Management

How much longer will Orion support 25m and 50m benchrest targets?

How do I run a Reentry Match with Orion?

How do I fill out an Orion Scorecard?

How Do I Grade a BB Gun Test with Orion's BB Gun Test Answer Sheets?

I am running a CMP Sanctioned match, how do I include shooters who do not know their CMP number?

How do I participate in one of Orion's Monthly Virtual Matches?

Why is Challenging a Shot Considered Unsportsmanlike?

Can I use a plug to challenge a shot scored by Orion?

What is the correct way to challenge a shot with Orion?

How do I submit scores to the Civilian Marksmanship Program?

How do I track USA Shooting or NRA membership numbers in a match?

How do I setup Orion to track JROTC Qualification Awards

If I scan and score the same target twice, why do I sometimes get different score values?


Best Practices