Using Orion's Shot Simulator

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Using Orion's Shot Simulator

Orion has the capability to simulate targets. This allows users to get to learn how to use Orion’s functionality without the need to scan in targets. Please note that the simulator does not work for all rulebook and target types.



The most current version of Orion (Currently Version


Using the Simulator

1.Orion’s target simulator has to be turned on for each Match. To do so, from the menu bar click on "Match" then "Score" then "Shot Simulator."

2.To use the target simulator click on the "Match Scoring" tab.

3.In the target tree view on the left hand side, right click on any athlete’s name. In the pop up menu click on "Simulate Target"s and either "As a Skilled Athlete" or "As a Developing Athlete." The difference is the shot values will be higher for Skilled Athletes.