LED Lights on the Raspberry Pi

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LED Lights on the Raspberry Pi

The NC100, NC200, DoW100, and MM100 are all powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. There are four LED lights on the board.

Power and Activity Lights

On the top of the board, opposite the corner from the USB ports and external pins are the Power (PWR) and Activity (ACT) leds. On the NC100 and NC200 these lights are visible right above the socket where the Micro SD card is inserted.

The Power (PWR) LED is a red light closest to the corner. It lights up when the board is turned on and powered.

The Activity (ACT) LED is a green light. It lights up when the Micro SD card is being read or is written to.

oIf the Activity LED does not light up when booted, it most likely means the micro SD card is not inserted correctly or the file system is damaged.

Ethernet Port Lights

There are two lights on the Ethernet port.

The yellow light on the bottom left of the port is the LAN connected LED.

The green light on the bottom right of the port if the Link / Activity LED.