NC Models

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NC Models

There are two Electronic Scoring Target models in the NC family.

NC100 for 10m Air Rifle and Air Pistol shooting.

NC200 for 10m Air Rifle and Air Pistol shooting, and 50ft smallbore rifle.

Standard Features


A Raspberry Pi 3+ is the on board CPU and runs a variation of the Debian OS.

Camera Arm

The NC family of ESTs use a camera, mounted in front of the target, along with the on board CPU and a computer vision algorithm to score each shot.

LED Lights

Each unit comes with five sets of LED lights to illuminate the target. Four sets are mounted behind the metal frame, in the left, right, up, and down positions. The fifth set is mounted behind the Camera.

Witness Strip or Paper Roll

An advancing paper roll, or Witness Strip, in included with each NC unit. After each shot is fired the witness strip is advanced a small distance to give the appearance of a fresh aiming bull.

Protective Steel Frame

In front of the unit, and in front of the Camera arm, is a protective steel frame. This frame protects the unit from occasional stray shots. The NC100 and NC200 uses two different grades of steel. The NC100, because it is only intended for air gun, has a lower grade steel. The NC200, because it is intended for smallbore, had a higher grade steel.

Knock Sensor

A knock sensor is installed on the left side of the frame to detect frame hits.

Optional Features

Mechanical Target Lift

The optional mechanical Target Lift can move the target vertically, from a maximum height of 1.40m to a minimum height of .50m. The height of the target is controlled either by Orion or the accompanying Monitor.

Wall Mount

The optional Wall Mount allows the NC Target to be mounted to a wooden or drywall wall.

Manual Target Lift

The optional manual Target Lift can move the target vertically, but requires the athlete or range officer to manually adjust the height.

Start - Stop Signal Lights

Mounted on the top of the unit is a Red X and Green O start - stop signal lights. These are often called "safety lights." When illuminated the Red X generally means athletes should not be firing. The Green O generally means athletes may fire.

Air Gun Backstop

On the NC100 only, an optional backstop for air gun pellets may be installed. This backstop is only graded for air gun pellets or BBs, made of lead, and less than 600fps barrel velocity.

The NC200 does not have any optional backstop. Customers are required to provide their own external backstop.

Indoor Use Only

The NC family of Electronic Scoring Targets is intended for indoor use only. Exposing the targets to outdoor elements will damage the target and void the warranty.

NC Model Namesake

The NC models of electronic scoring targets is named after the NRA's Navy Cup trophy in a tribute to American shooting. The Navy Cup is awarded each year during the NRA National Highpower Championships to the highest scoring competitor in a 20 shot standing match fired at 200 yards. It was made famous in 1971 when Gary Anderson shot a 200 -15, setting a national record that still stands today.