Manually Installing a New EST Build and Downloading Definition Files

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Manually Installing a New EST Build and Downloading Definition Files

To manually download a build zip or series of definition files onto your Targets, Monitors, and Displays configure the USB Thumb Drive provided with your system.

File structure of the USB:

USB Drive (E:)/
├── sharedKey.txt
└── InstallBuild/
    └── DefinitionDownload.json


sharedKey.txt is a text file that contains a unique shared key value for your system. Each Target, Monitor, and Display has been pre-configured with the same shared key text file. When the USB is inserted the shared key on the unit is compared with the shared key on the USB Thumb drive. No action is taken if the shared keys do not match.

DefinitionDownload.json is a json formatted text file that should contain the definition files you want to download onto the  unit. It is located in the "InstallBuild" folder on the USB Thumb drive. The file should contain a series of key-value pairs where the key is a definition type and the value is a list of definition set names to download. This file is optional if no new definitions need to be downloaded.  


    "COURSE OF FIRE": ["v1.0:ntparc:Three-Position Air Rifle 3x10", "v1.0:ntparc:Three-Position Air Rifle 3x20"],

    "EVENT STYLE": ["v1.0:ntparc:Three-Position Precision Air Rifle"],

    "ATTRIBUTE": [],

    "RANKING RULES": [],


    "STAGE STYLE": [],

    "TARGET": [],


} is a build zip file. It is located in the "InstallBuild" folder on the USB Thumb drive. The name of the file does not matter. A build zip file for any released est build can be downloaded from orion. This file is optional if no new build should be installed.


NOTE: Definition files are downloaded from the internet, so internet access is required if this operation is being performed.


After configuring the USB Drive, perform the steps outlined in USB Drive Functions in order to execute the desired function.