Retrieving Local Logs from an EST Unit

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Retrieving Local Logs from an EST Unit

To manually download the local log files from  your Targets, Monitors, and Displays configure the USB Thumb Drive provided with your system.

File structure of the USB:

USB Drive (E:)/
├── sharedKey.txt
└── RetrieveLogs/


sharedKey.txt is a text file that contains a unique shared key value for your system. Each Target, Monitor, and Display has been pre-configured with the same shared key text file. When the USB is inserted the shared key on the unit is compared with the shared key on the USB Thumb drive. No action is taken if the shared keys do not match.

RetrieveLogs/ is an empty directory


After configuring the USB Drive, perform the steps outlined in USB Drive Functions in order to execute the desired function.


Once the USB is inserted into the machine, the following files will be downloaded into the RetrieveLogs directory on the usb drive:

All files located in  /home/pi/Certificates

The contents of /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf and /etc/hosts

All files last modified less than a week ago located in /home/pi/ESTConfig and /var/log

The system output of 'systemctl' and 'ps -ef' will be recorded in text files