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Course of Fire Tab




Course of Fire

The course of fire used in this match.

Not all courses of fire are supported by Athena yet. Beneath this field "Supported by Athena" will be listed if this course of fire may be used with Athena.

This field is read only after the match is saved for the first time.

Paper Target Type

The type of paper target that will be shot and scanned in with this match.

This field does not effect matches ran on Athena.

In a Virtual Match each child match may set their own value.

EST Target Collection

The name of the Target Collection to use for scoring. Only effects matches shot on Athena.

EST Score Format

The name of the Score Format to use for displaying results. Only effects matches shot on Athena.

Shots per bull

For use when scoring paper targets, the expected number of shots each aiming bull will have. This field only effects paper targets that are scanned in the future, it does not effect paper targets that have already been scanned.

In a Virtual Match each child match may set their own value.

Relays Change

For use with the Orion Mobile App when Range Officers are taking photographs of Mobile Friendly Targets.

After each Course of Fire: Each relay will shoot the entire course of fire before the next relay comes to the line.

After each Stage: Each relay will shoot one stage at a time, before proceeding on to the next stage.

Number of Team Members

The number of athletes who's score will count towards each team's total. The top athletes scores are always counted.

Max Num of Team Members

The maximum number of athletes who may be assigned to a team.

Dynamic Team Generation

When checked teams composition is generated dynamic (See Dynamic Team Generation)

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