Network Manager Setup

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Network Manager Setup

If you purchased networking equipment from Scopos with your Athena Order, this is already pre-configured upon provisioning your range before it leaves our warehouses. These steps are intended for Network Admins to design an infrastructure without the need for our pre-configured networking equipment.

The Network Manger is a Linux server that provides security, compute, and redundancy to your Athena target network. In order for your Athena range to operate the Network Manager must always be on and must have a static IP address. If a static IP is NOT assigned, your Athena range may inexplicable one day fail to function.

Please consult your Network Administer on how to provide the Network Manager with a static IP.

For most ranges the Network Manager is a separate component. On some ranges, with only 1 or 2 firing points, the Network Manager is fulfilled by the Monitor on firing point one.

1.Unpackage your Network Manager and set it up in a safe location.

2.Connect your Network Manager to your network. This network must be connected to the Internet. There are two options, wired (ethernet) or wireless.

a.For wired connections plug your Network Manager using an ethernet cord into your router.

b.For wireless connections

i.Plug a HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse into the Network Manager (this is the only time you'll need to have a monitor and keyboard attached).

ii.Log into the server with user id "pi" and the password provided you with your system.

iii.Open the system menu from the right side of the top bar.

iv.Select Wi-Fi Not Connected.

v.Click the name of the network you want, then click Connect. When prompted provide your networks password.
Visit Ubuntu's website for more information on connecting to a WiFi network.

3.Work with your Network Administer to assign a static IP to your Network Manger.
The hostname of your Network Manager is in the form {Account Number}-CORE-001. Where Account Number is your six digit Orion license number. For example 001234-CORE-001.

4.Contact Scopos with the static IP you assigned. We will have to push an updated configuration to your device before it may be used.