Athena Configuration Files for Orion

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Athena Configuration Files for Orion

Each Athena EST Unit (Targets, Monitors, Displays, Network Manager, and Orion) is uniquely identified by a set of security certificates. The Network Manger, which enables communication over the Athena Network, uses these certificates to encrypt all messages and to perform double authentication. The Targets, Monitors, Displays, and Network Manager all come pre-installed with these certificates. Orion however, needs to be updated and configured with it's unique certificates to enable it to talk on the Athena Network.

1.Update your Orion software to the latest version that includes the Athena integration, currently this is Orion version <%ORIONWITHATHENAVERSION%>.

2.Orion's Athena configuration files will download automatically when you open Orion.
In order for the configuration files to download automatically your computer must be connected to the Internet and you must have a valid Orion license installed.

3.Install the Group Root Certificate Authority into your Windows Operating System.

If after installing the Root Certificate Authority Orion still reports a communication error see the trouble shooting guide.