Position Abbreviations

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Position Abbreviations

Orion often uses single characters to represent each stage of a match, often referring to single position or type of firing. The character is usually, but not always, the first character in the name of the stage. See below for details.

These position abbreviations apply to:

Targets listed within the 'Match Scoring' tab.

On Barcode Labels

In the position bubbles on Fill-in-the-Bubble Targets

Unknown Position Value

If Orion is showing a "U" for a target on the Match Scoring tab, this means that the target has an Unassigned position.

Various Position Values

Position values for Air Rifle, BB gun, international smallbore rifle, and indoor conventional rifle.

P: Prone

S: Standing

I: Sitting

K: Kneeling

F: Final (accumulative Final)

S: Final (Start from zero Final)

T: Test (BB Gun Only)

Position values for Air Pistol

S: Standing

F: Final (accumulative Final)

S: Final (Start from zero Final)

Position values for 50ft Smallbore Pistol and Centerfire Pistol

S: Slow Fire

T: Timed Fire

R: Rapid Fire

Position values for Highpower Rifle

S - Standing Slow Fire

I - Sitting Rapid Fire

R - Prone Rapid Fire

P - Prone Slow Fire

M - Multiple Positions (30-Shot Score Card for CMP only)

Position values for outdoor conventional rifle prone

L - 50yd. Conventional (L is Roman Numeral for 50)

M - 50m. Conventional

D - Dewar

C - 100yd. Conventional (C is roman numeral for 100)