Replacing the Micro SD Card DoW100

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Replacing the Micro SD Card DoW100

Occasionally, the Micro SD card in the DoW100 will need to be replaced. The SD card acts as the Monitor's "hard drive" and is where the OS, Monitor software, and data files live. Scopos can replicate any DoW100 SD card. If the DoW100 is within warranty Scopos will do so free of charge, a small fee applies for SD cards otherwise.

Replacing the Micro SD Card on a DoW100 Monitor

1.Power down the DoW100 Monitor and then completely unplug the unit from power.
See Powering Up and Powering Down for instructions on how to turn the Operating System off on your DoW100.

2.Ground yourself to a proper earthing ground to eliminate the possibility of electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic discharge may destroy components of the DoW100.

3.Extend the Monitors Stand (bottom) till it is fully open and lay the monitor on its face (screen).
We suggest laying the monitor on a non-static/grounded material such as a rubber mat.

4.Remove the Power cable splitter from the Raspberry Pi and the screen connector.
Take note of the connector type, some Raspberry Pis are USB-C while others are Micro-USB. The screens utilize a Micro-USB connection.

5.With the Monitors stand extended fully outward, slowly remove the rear cover by pressing in the two tabs located at the top of the Monitor. The rear cover will now swing downwards (be careful not to pull any wires).

a.If the Monitor has a fan attached to the rear cover be cautious not to pull the fans power cables, we suggest that the connections be left in place, but if one feels comfortable removing the connectors be sure to reconnect them in their proper GPIO pins when complete. Marking the wires to the GPIO pins properly with a paint-pen may help in this process.

6.The Raspberry Pi should now be exposed, a ribbon cable is connected from the Raspberry Pi to the screen, be extremely careful as to not bend or destroy the ribbon cable as it is delicate.
Note: The ribbon cable is removable from the raspberry pi, we suggest leaving it attached.

7.Slowly and carefully rotate/Remove the Raspberry pi  from the Case, pivoting the pi on the side with the ribbon cable.

8.With the rear of the Raspberry Pi now exposed, one should be able to see the SD card slot on the rear of the Raspberry Pi. Carefully remove the existing SD card.

9.Carefully Insert the new SD card into the SD card slot, be sure it seats correctly or else the Raspberry pi will not boot!
Improper installation of the SD card can cause serious damage to the raspberry pi! If the SD-card doesn't want to fit then DO NOT FORCE IT.

10.Pivot the Raspberry pi back into its proper place, again making sure not to mar or damage the Ribbon cable.

11.If your unit has a fan, reconnect the fan connectors to the proper GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi.
WARNING - Improper connections can damage the DoW100.

12.Replace the rear cover, be sure not to pinch or damage the ribbon cable. The rear cover should "click" into place.

13.Replace the Power splitter connection respective to the screen and raspberry Pi.

14.Connect the DOW100 Power cable to the splitter before connecting to the outlet.

15.Boot the DoW100 to check functionality.
NOTE: When the DoW100 first boots, a rainbow screen should appear.