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To score targets, Orion uses a technology known as "Auto-Score.". Auto-Score will perform a number of steps on your behalf. It first communicates with your scanner to physically scan the targets, then creates a digital image for Orion to use. Orion reads the target and assigns it to the correct athlete (Assuming the barcode labels are in use). Finally, Orion scores the targets.


1.Click on the Match Scoring tab.

2.Initially load the scanner with one target. Note: for the sake of demonstrating the feature and to ensure your scanner is scanning properly, we will only use one target. Once the system appears to function properly, you may load a small stack of targets.

3.Click the Auto-Score autoScoreButton button

4.The first time you use the scanner, Orion will open up the scanner's properties box. Verify that the following settings are correctly set using the table below

Color Mode:

24-bit Color

Page Size:

Match Original Size

Dots Per Inch (DPI):

300 dpi

Scanning Side:


Automatically Straightens Skewed:



5.Click the Scan button.

6.Orion will scan the target, load the image into the program, assign the target to the shooter and score. Depending on the speed of your computer, this may take several seconds. Please be patient.

oInitially, the new targets will appear highlited in green in the Target list to the left. Green highlighting indicates targets that have not yet been scored.

oYou may need to click the plus sign ([+]) next to Targets, then the plus sign ([+]) next to Relay 1, and finally the plus sign next to the shooter's name(s) to see the list of imported targets.

7.Once the initial target is scored (turns from green to white), load the scanner with a set of un-scored targets and re-click the Auto-Score button. Repeat until all targets are scored.


Scanner Target Capacity:

Use this table to see how many targets your scanner's Auto Document Feeder can hold*:

Canon Scanner Model

Target Capacity


About 20 Targets


About 20 Targets


About 20 Targets


About 3 Targets**


*Actual results may vary. You may be able to fit more or less in the Canon Scanner. This use this table as an estimate only. Never force or over-fill your scanner, as this may result in damage to the hardware.

**With the P-208 it is sometimes necessary to provide the targets a gentle push to start feeding them through the scanner.