Color highlights and meanings

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Color highlights and meanings

In Orion's "Match Scoring" tab, Orion will highlight targets and competitor names whenever there is an oddity. The color of the highlighting refers to the type of oddity.


White Highlighting.

No oddities were detected.

Target Name in Bold.

Currently selected target.

Target Name Italicized.

Target has not been viewed yet.

Green Highlighting.

Orion has not scored this target or is not yet finished scoring this target.

Grey Highlighting.

Not all targets are assigned to the competitor. For example, in a 3x10 match, if only the prone and standing targets are assigned, the competitor's name is highlighted in grey.

Yellow Highlighting.

Orion detected more or less than the expected number of shots on the target. For example, having 11 shots on a target when Orion expects there to be only 10.


Target has an unknown position. Please assign the target's position with the athlete.


There are two shots on an aiming bull when running a BB match.


If an open incident report has not been closed or rejected.

Red Highlighting.

Two targets with the same position and series are assigned to this competitor. For example, having two "Prone 1" targets assigned.