Correctly challenging a shot with Orion

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Correctly challenging a shot with Orion

In Orion, a "score protest," sometimes referred to as a "challenge," is done using a more accurate and time intensive algorithm on the digital shot hole in question.

An important concept to understand is that with Orion there is a distinction between correcting an obvious error and protesting a shot. A protest only occurs on a correctly scored shot. A shot with an obvious error should, in all circumstances, be corrected by the stat officer (Orion user).

Some Match Directors have elected to prohibit all scoring challenges. This is quickly becoming a best practice. Even when challenges are not allowed coaches and athletes should have an opportunity to review targets and correct possible obvious errors (steps 1 and 2 below).


To properly conduct a protest, after the regular scoring is complete, follow the procedure below.

1.The statistical officer posts the results and provides the shooters with their targets and individual score sheets. Individual score sheets may also be made available online. These results are considered final unless protested by the competitor.

2.During the challenge period, a competitor may ask the statistical officer to view questionable shots within Orion. If the statistical officer concludes there was an obvious error he or she should make a manual correction without a formal protest.

If the statistical officer concludes the scored shot is a reasonable interpretation of the physical shot it is considered a correctly scored shot, the shooter may then protest the value of the shot.

3.To protest the shot, first select the shot within Orion (the shot turns from blue to red), right clicks on the shot, and select "Protest Shot." The "Protest Shot" option will run a more comprehensive scoring algorithm on that individual shot, it may take several seconds to return.

4.After a few seconds Orion will return with the results, either a "Protest Won" (the shot value went up) or "Protest Lost" (the shot value remains the same) message.

5.If the protest was not successful a 2 point penalty may be assigned to the shooter. Competitions sanctioned under the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council or USA Shooting must penalize the shooter with a 2 point penalty for each lost protest per their respective rule books.

Note that it is improper to rescan the target image or try to recalibrate for a specific target during a protest. The only time these circumstances should occur is if, respectively, there is an obvious deformity in the scanned image or Orion is scoring erratically.

Not all shots can be protested. Shots in a multi-shot group can not be protested. Shots added or identified can not be protested either.

For more information on this subject please read why it is widely regarded as unsportsmanlike for a shooter to protest a correctly scored shot as well as why you may not use a plug to challenge the value of a shot.