Advancing the Tape Feed Manually

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Advancing the Tape Feed Manually

In rare circumstances it may be necessary to advance the tape feed on a Target electronically. The most common reason is if Athena fails to correctly identify a shot. To clear the physical shot hole from the aiming mask, the tape feed needs to be advanced.

Advancing the Tape Feed Manually

Advance a Target's Tape Feed using Orion

These instructions work for Athena for Clubs ranges.

1.In Orion open the Athena Unit Maintenance window.
From Orion's main menu click on Athena -> Athena Unit Maintenance.

2.Select the target (or Targets) to advance their tape feed.

3.Click on Miscellaneous -> Advance Tape Feed -> the distance to advance.

Advance a Stand Alone Target's Tape Feed

These instruction work for either Athena at Home firing points or any Athena for Clubs firing point, when the Target is in practice mode.

1.Using the firing point's Monitor, open the Maintenance Form.
From the main window click on Menu -> Advance -> Maintenance.

2.In the Maintenance form, on the left, click on the Advance Tape Feed button.

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