Creating a Scopos Account

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Creating a Scopos Account

Users are encouraged to sign up for a Scopos account not only to place orders on our website, it also allows you to:

Manage your Athena at Home EST

Interact with Rezults

Interact with Athena for Clubs targets in practice mode

...and more as we roll out new features


How to create your Scopos Account.

1. Navigate to and select Create an Account



2. Select the Sign Up link at the bottom of the screen


3. Enter the required information, including a valid email address (this will be used to verify your account).


You will be prompted with a screen that asks to enter the verification code. This code will be sent by email to the address listed after selecting Sign Up



4. Enter the code sent to your email address, then select Confirm Account

0006Scopos_Code Entered


Once confirmed, you should be directed to your account page. If you need to make any updates to your Scopos account, you can do so from this page.


Trouble signing up, or need assistance? Contact Us