Display Status

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Display Status

In the bottom of the Range Control tab is the Display state. This lists information about the state of each spectator Display module.

Firing Point State Column



The name of the Display

Firing Points

The currently assigned firing points, as reported by the Display.

Display Event

The name of the Display Event the Display is currently responding to.

View Configuration

The name of the View Configuration the Display is currently showing.

Note, there is a one to one mapping from Display Event to View Configuration. This mapping is set using an Event Assignments file.

View Definition

The first line shows the currently displayed View Definition. The second through the end of the lines show all View Definitions the Display will cycle through.

Image Key

If the Display is currently showing an Image Display Display Entity, this field is the value of the current Image Key. It is blank otherwise.

Note, the images associated with an Image Key may be set using the Display Image Key Selection Form.


The Marquee message that the Display is currently showing. If no Marquee is currently being shown, it is blank.

Note, the Marquee is set by default using the current View Configuration. The message may be overwritten using the Marquee form.


If a View Definition has any problems showing content a warning message from that View Definition will be listed.

Display Ping

Displays two values. First "Ping" is the round trip networking message time for Orion to send a message to the Display and for the Display to respond. Note that this is not the same as an standard ping networking command. Other possible ping values include:

Disconnected: The Display has reported that it is not connected to IoT.

Out of Date: The Display has not responded to the most recent ping.

Unknown: The Display has not responded to any pings yet.

Second "WiFi" is the reported WiFi Strength of the Display, reported as a percentage. 100% is the best connection 0% is the worse.

The cell will be highlighted in yellow if the Display's power supply is too low, if the Display can not be pinged on the network, or if the WiFi strength is low but not critical.

The cell will be highlighted in red if the WiFi strength is critically low, or the CPU temperature is too high.

Display Version

The firmware version number that the Display is currently running.

The cell will be highlighted in red if the version is not compatible with Orion's software version.

Display Logging

The Display's Logging Level. The Default logging level is called "ERROR", which means only errors and critical messages are logged. If the logging level is set to high, for example INFO or DEBUG, over time this could damage the Display's micro SD card.

The cell will be highlighted in yellow if the logging level is set to a value other than ERROR.

All of these fields are read only and are updated only by the state that the Target or Monitor reports.

Display Configuration Form

To change the configuration of a EST Display, double click on the row representing the Display. The Display Configuration Form will open allowing you to change it's behavior.