Self Diagnostics

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Self Diagnostics

Self Diagnostics is the process Athena’s NC units go through to align the camera to the aiming mask and center the aiming bull. Athena Targets performs this process automatically both at boot up and at the start of each course of fire, or it can be ran on demand.

Running Self Diagnostics Manually

Starting Self Diagnostics from the Target

On the back of the NC model targets, there is either a 1 button or a 4 button interface.

On the 1 button interface, press the button once to start self diagnostics.

On the 4 button interface, press the select button once (far right button) to start self diagnostics.

Starting Self Diagnostics from Target's Monitor

The following procedure works only if the Firing Point is in practice mode. Athena at Home targets are always in practice mode.

1.Open the Maintenance Form. From the Monitor's main screen, click on Menu -> Advanced -> Maintenance.

2.In the bottom right hand corner, tap the Target Self Diagnostics button.

Starting Self Diagnostics from Orion

1.Open the Athena Maintenance form. From the main menu bar click on Athena -> Athena Unit Maintenance.

2.Select the Target or Targets you want to run Self Diagnostics on.

3.Start the process by click on Maintenance -> Self Diagnostics.

Viewing the Results of Self Diagnostics

When an Athena Target is running self diagnostics the Red X and Green O light up simultaneously. Self diagnostics takes about 5s to run.

Here is where to view the results of self diagnostics.

Red X and Green O Lights

After it is complete if the Green O flashes, it was successful, and you can start shooting. If the Red X flashes it was not, and you’ll need to take steps to correct whatever is wrong.

From the Target's Monitor

If self diagnostics was unsuccessful, the paired monitor will have a pop up form with the error message. This form will disappear after a few seconds. To view the error message again open the Trouble Shooting menu. From the Monitor's main screen, click on Menu -> Advance -> Troubleshooting.

From Orion's Range Control Tab

On an Athena for Clubs range, self diagnostic errors are reported on the Range Control Tab, under the Target Error column.

Correcting Problems Found during Self Diagnostics

Could not find the alignment shape

The alignment shape is the black square printed on the front aiming mask. Three likely causes:

The front aiming mask is either not loaded or loaded incorrectly.

The front aiming mask is shot up. Always be sure to load a new one.

The camera arm is not all the way down.

The camera is out of focused. See Focusing the NC Model Target Camera to learn how to focus.

Could not find the Aiming Bull

The wrong aiming bull was loaded. For example, if you are trying to shoot an air rifle course of fire and have instead an air pistol aiming mask loaded.

The aiming mask is shot up, always be sure to load a new one.

The aiming mask was loaded incorrectly.