Windows has blocked the authentication of the security certificate

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Windows has blocked the authentication of the security certificate


The cause for this error message may be one of a few reasons.

The Group CA file has not been added

This is the most common cause for the "Windows has blocked the authentication of the security certificate" error.

The Group Certificate Authority (CA) file is a public key file Windows needs to authenticate with your Network Manager. Without this file being installed into Windows, your OS will block communication with the Network Manager.

Visit How to Import Root CA to learn how to correctly install your Group CA file.

The System Clock is off

Athena requires that the internal clock of the Network Manager and the clock on the windows PC are synchronized and correct. If the time difference is too large, Windows will block communication with the Network Manager .

To check the time synchronization, from Orion's menu click on Athena -> Network Manager Connection Status. The last two lines will report the time difference between the Network Manager and your Windows PC, as well as the time difference between your Windows PC and the US Government's National Institute of Standards and Technology's time servers.

To correct large offsets consult your network administrator and visit Clock Synchronization for more information.

The Network Manager has not communicated with IoT recently

Your Network Manager must regularly communicate with the the internet in order to rotate a security certificate to maintain secure connections on your Athena Range. If it is not able to connect in 21 days it will disable this connection.

Typically, this error would occur if your firewall is block traffic the Network Manager needs to communicate with IoT.

To resolve network connectivity issues involving firewalls visit Firewall Rules for more information.

Other Issues

This error may also be caused by configuration errors within your account, and will require Contacting Us to resolve. These configuration errors include:

Greengrass Group has not been deployed.

Group CA has been rotated.

The Orion thing is not a member of the Greengrass Group.