Correcting If Athena Failed to Identify / Score a Shot

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Correcting If Athena Failed to Identify / Score a Shot

In rare circumstances it is possible for an athlete to fire a shot, but the shot fails to register. On an NC100 target with backstop usually this will result in a False Positive Frame Hit. On a NC200, a target without a backstop, or a target with the Frame Hit sensor disabled, a shot will simple not be registered or shown on the monitor.

How to Resolve a Shot Not Identified

If a Frame Hit is displayed ("FH") follow the procedures listed in Correcting for a False Positive Frame Hit.

Responsibilities of the Athlete Firing on the Target

If the athlete firing on the target fires a shot but the shot is not registered, they should immediately alert the Range Officer. The Range Officer will then adjudicate the issue, have the Statistical Officer (person running Orion) manually advance the tape feed, and then instruct the athlete to continue shooting, re-firing the shot.

Responsibilities of the Range Officer and Statistical Officer

It is impossible for Athena to score a shot that has happened in the past. Instead, the tape feed needs to be advanced, and the athlete instructed to continue shooting, re-firing the shot.

Advancing the tape feed is important, as it will clear any shot hole that is within the aiming mask. To do so the Range Officer should alert the Statistical Officer (the person running Orion) to advance the tape feed.

Once the relay is complete, the Range Officer should inspect the tape feed counting the shots fired. If the missing shot is accounted for, no further action is required. If the missing shot could not be found, for example because the athlete completely missed the target, a MISS should be inserted into the athletes score and the protest shot (the last shot fired by the athlete) should be deleted.

An Incident Report should be completed by the Range Officer regardless.

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