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1.Downloading and Installing Orion Scoring System

i.Opening Orion Scoring System

ii.Enabling Orion with the License File

2.Unboxing and Setting Up the Canon Scanner

3.Installing Canon Drivers for Orion

4.Initializing Your Orion Athlete Database

5.Adding Athletes to the Athlete Database

6.Conducting an Orion Match Training Session

i.Match Creation

ii.Adding Athletes to your Match from Athlete Database

iii.Preparing Targets

iv.Orienting Targets for Your Scanner


vi.Assigning Targets

vii.Verifying Targets


i.Ranked Results

ii.Individual Score Sheets

iii.Online Results

iv.Orion Mobile App

8.Other Common Tasks

i.Creating a Team

ii.Viewing Team Results

iii.Adding competitors to a Match from the Shooter Database

iv.Assigning a Coach to a Competitor or Team

v.Tracking an Athlete's Progress with Analysis

vi.Understanding the Dashboard

vii.Preparing for Your First Competition

viii.Finding Additional Help



Basics of Using Orion:

Please see the video below for a video walkthrough of how to use Orion for the first time with Presenter Erik Anderson, Ph.D.

Basics of Usion Orion



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